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Dec-22-2018 Categories: maplestory

You can close Maplesotry M app when autobattle is on and the game will stay play. Super cool way to play the game without actually playing.

Want to chime in and say that auto battle works perfectly fine on my android phone. Been using android ever since release and still am. Works perfectly for maplestory2 mesos. If you're talking about auto quest, turning off the app stops auto quest.

I made a youtube video about autobattle recently and a guy commented that hes on android and autobattle doesnt work so i took his word for it. I'm playing on an iphone so i wasnt aware of other devices compatiability. PBAs are much harder to find and a maxed PBA is worth more than the 25m mesos limit. A max epic weapon will almost instantly sell in my server for 25m.

On Scania server, we used to be able to sell our epic PBA weapons for 25M+. I sold a epic jaihin claw unique potential for 40M but after the second most recent patch, they made all epic weapons capped at 25M for selling price. You're definitely right, you dont need a PBA weapon to sell for 25M, it was a lot easier to sell a PBA maxed level a couple of weeks ago but now its not necessary since its going to be fused anyways.

PBA stabds for perfect base attack, extremely rare to find an epic thats PBA. Most come form normal items and are ranked up using stones. Fusing 2 PBA epic weapons together DOES NOT net you a PBA unique. I didn't know you can buy character slots in the trade station, that's great to know! You're right, definitely dont need PBA weapon for fusion, i was so used to fusing PBA because i thought itll sell faster.

I would go specifically to that map to hunt the sand rats but i found out you can just do the mini dungeon to clear that quest. I usually leave the dungeon as soon as i finish the required monster kills so i only have 3 chances to eat the mini dungeon which will clear 6 /10 daily hunt quests. The rest i usually just go the map itself and hunt it.

Oh yes, i forgot to mention that the first item will maintain the same item during fusion, thanks for the reminder! From reading everyones comment, i just realized how silly it is to rank up with stones on MapleStory 2 Wiki. Probably just easier to buy a random epic since its so cheap now and just use powders on that. Learning some new everyday, thank you everyone for giving such great advice But your 2 free retainers are more than enough to earn you decent gil, and gil in itself isn't necessary at all to get gear needed to complete the game at the highest difficulty, and PvP does not care about your gear in the slightest as far as I'm seeing. This is even considering the Tank BiS accessories. They help, but learning mechanics is a lot more important than doing a bit extra DPS. I've never understood why p2w is an issue in maple. The only thing I remember with these games is grinding mindlessly until I got bored and left. Is the game just locking harder content until you pay to get past the stat check or is there meaningful PvP or something?

Sorry if this is ignorant but I've never seen maple as a competitive game and everyone I know who plays it plays it to mindlessly grind and not to compete, if there is something to compete for. This is how most of the MMO market works. But there's the vocal 1% who post stuff like this, insisting that a game should be skipped because of some inane argument about the need for a pure competitive environment in what most amounts to PvE-focused social games.