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Nov-18-2018 Categories: maplestory

Just ask them for added group-oriented content/focus or it will die like KMS2. Not accepting the Restart application is too backward to do anyway. PQs are the aforementioned things as dungeons. Except all of the accepted chance dungeons can be maplestory2 mesos soloed now.

Seeing this could accomplish any balked and how abundant they simplified the bold (particularly affair quests). That absolute jump adventure is just a ladder now. You can accomplishment this alcove in 3 mins alone. I'm cerebration of accomplishing a allegory video of dungeons pre-restart vs now to appearance how piss-easy the dungeons are now. It ability assume absurd to do the pq from watching Spadow's video, but it's not. You just harge a affair of four, and the jump adventure becomes easy. It's just difficult to apprentice the aboriginal few tries.

It would absolutely appearance how abhorrent the abstraction of aggregate dumbed down is to the the accepted association but aswell to the humans who anticipate the "restart" application was in fact a acceptable thing.

I like dungeons and such, but they accept to be harder than they currently are to advance the affair play that a lot of humans assume to want. At the actual atomic top levelled characters should be synced down if in low akin content, afterward anyone while they one attempt aggregate isn't fun for anyone.

Personally, to accumulate it short, I accede w some locations and disagree w some parts. For instance, I anticipate that GMS2 is absolutely alpha afterwards the restart update. I aswell anticipate that altered humans wish different adventures in a game.

I don't anticipate their administration in development will change, behindhand of how audibly we allege up. Countless users batten up in Korea and China, and if it hasn't afflicted for them, my assumption is that it will not here.

The application traveling into kms2 and cms2 next anniversary or so maplestory is convalescent alot of the criticisms, abnormally with alcove rewards; maybe there ability be some change you'd like, but I just see the achievability of changing the absolute administration of the bold like this actual low.

Then if you attending at the bold from a dev/PM perspective, you aswell accept to accept that CMS2 and KMS2 run on the about the aforementioned client. Their next application goes online at the aforementioned date for the two servers. Asking for a absolutely altered avenue of action and development is hella time and money consuming.

The MS2 aggregation appropriate now has like, none of that at all. If anything, traveling forth with what you said about nexon maybe affairs out afterwards beta, if ppl disagree with their administration of development so much, they might just accede it not account and cull out. As of appropriate now, don't see that happening, but it's a achievability nonetheless.