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May-17-2019 Categories: runescape

Desperate Times

There might be a storm on the horizon in Gielinor, but over at Jagex HQ they’ve got fingers crossed that the sun will return in time for charity adventures.So are you ready RS gold to join it? This week sees the release of Desperate Times, the first step in an epic new quest series.

Seren has a plan to deal with the Elder God threat – but don’t expect things to go smoothly. The races of Gielinor are far from united and a certain somebody has thrown a wrench in the works. Or is that a Needle?

Avoiding Dental Catastrophe  Update

Jagex and three charity partners, they would like players supporting their work in Mental Health during the Avoiding Dental Catastrophe Easter event.

Whilst the funds raised from the event were to be shared equally between CPSL Mind and The Prince’s Trust, but the RuneScape team have decided to donate Solomon’s Store revenue for that period too!!!Do you want to take part in this activity? This means they will share the total between all three of their charity partners. And what a total it is £168,000 ($219,000).I can't wait a day.

Aura Sale  Good news

If you’ve been saving up your loyalty points,  the aura sale will be yours! From now until the end of the month you’ll be able to grab a selection of the game’s most coveted auras at a hefty discount from Solomon’s General Store.

ALL tier 4 and 5 auras will have a 25% discount. Maniacal, Berserker, Reckless, and Dark Magic auras will have a 30% discount. Finally, the Vampyrism aura will have a massive 50% discount.

The aura sale will run from May 1st at 00:00 to May 31st at 23:59.

You can buy RuneScape gold if you want buy these bargains but don't have enough gold.