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Dec-08-2018 Categories: maplestory

Pretty much this. I knew it was gonna be like this in a F2P game, as unlike a sub game such as maplestory2 mesos, they can gate your time with such absurd RNG to all progression and not care since people will join and leave without a care anyways.

Which is why I don't bother, cos I know the higher the ceiling goes, the higher the floor has to raise too, if they don't want people quitting and never coming back.

Not to mention that WoW will just be a nostalgia trip, it offers nothing new and what happens when they release the final raid? It’ll either be frozen in time or they’ll relaunch Burning Crusade et al. I don’t think it’ll have that big a player base tbh.

It's just poor design, and it's easier to monetize a game that is flawed than it is a game that relies purely on the playerbase to play the game. I think the main issue is what devs think a reward system is, versus what a gamer thinks a reward system is. Once upon a time you'd play a little MMO, maybe a community of a few thousand. You'd spend days grinding your character to become a blacksmith or something

because not only was it profitable, it'd also help the community that you interact with. Some games even thought up the good idea to let you sign your character name on what you made or something like that.

Gear was always a means to an end: killing current progression bosses as fast as possible. So many casual people wanted the best gear in the game, even though they never walked into the hardest difficulty content and so never actually needed to use it for anything. I suspect it helped them make up a little for poor APM and uptime on bosses.

The little item levels next to every gear piece are just irrelevant numbers and inflate with every new raid tier. At the end of the day, you should be asking yourself "Why do I want +15 on one or both of my weapons?" Is the reward to do X DPS this patch and 1.2X DPS next patch? Or is it to use it for clearing Cdev, Cmoc, and Cpap? If it's the former, gear is always a treadmill in every MMO and you'll never be satisfied.

Our guild leader left the game yesterday because of how progression is too hard. Can't blame him, I haven't been able to upgrade my gems in 3 weeks.

I enjoy the game but I've pretty much stopped playing because I'm not willing to run the same content repeatedly for a minimal boost in stats to just then have to run CPAP and cmoc to immediately replace the gear again.

I pulled the plug today was a guild leader on NA East couple close friends quit aswell, lost 20+ friends/guildies over the last 3-4 weeks since cDev has been released, they all quit MS2, they were our cDev/cMoc team aswell so my guild lost capability of doing those runs flawlessly when they quit.

This game sucks ass, BDO felt like work MS2 with the RNG inside of RNG inside of more play maplestory m now on top, made it feel more like work than 10 years at my actual fucking job LOL. Soon the MS2 playerbase will be the Tryhards that have good gear and crickets, their playerbase is bleeding like a stuck pig and my guild dropping from top 50 guild to top 200 now from people quitting shows that.

Yeah, the only end-game in MS2 is to grind raids over raids like a mindless bot. What about people who want to do more epic quests like in Tree of Savior and explore the world while listening to epic soundtracks? People who just want to grind on mobs like MS1 and not have a level cap that prevents any sense of progression?