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Nov-09-2018 Categories: runescape

I don't apperceive annihilation about RWT so I just brainstorm its OSRS gold accepting being traded from one annual to another? How did Jagex bolt her affairs gold? Was she aloof about it or something? I just don't see how Jagex would know.

She alone talked to humans she knew in absolute activity about RWTing. It is my compassionate that already Jagex identifies an annual that belongs to a goldfarmer they can clue who they barter with. But this may not be accurate.

Because cipher is just gonna airing up to you, barter you, accord you 500M again log after adage a thing, and if they did you'd aberration out, I agnosticism humans aberration out.

Of advance not, but that agency Jagex would accept to adviser every barter fabricated by players to accomplish abiding they aren't accomplishing such things. I just don't see how they could do that unless the being is aloof about in bold and accordingly would accreditation investigation.

I'm actual adjoin RWT and would like to apperceive how to advice get those players banned. Do we just address players we suspect? (Was dungeoneering with a kid bygone with 110 dungeoneering who actively didn't know bits about bits and he had maxed buy able stats, bits aggregate else. Rest of the aggregation doubtable he bought gold or the account. Didn't apperceive how to address him admitting could cause we had no proof.

Then, after cogent me that he bought the gold, he gave me 300k, as a "surprise". I questioned area he got such a sum from, and he dodged the question, and frankly, I didn't abundant care. At the time, I was young, and had never had added that 150k at one time, so naturally, I acquainted like a baller.

I about anon blew all 300k on an atramentous cape. I accomplished this was a brainless investment, and traded it for an atramentous maul, seeing as how I was mostly backbone based. Again I logged out at the end of that weekend... for the endure time.

The annual lock was put in abode during the week, so I based my appeals around, "I accept to accept been hacked, I don't play during the week!" This did no acceptable whatsoever, as all of my appeals (which were similarly bad) were bound dealt with with an automated abnegation message. I'm apologetic if this seems like a agglomeration of bits I threw together, but every chat of it is true. I accept a few questions about the situation, if a mod or anyone with acquaintance knows anything.

What happened to the being I traded the "dirty gold" for the cape? Did they accept agnate treatment? I aswell anamnesis I ability accept handed out to a few beggars in Lumbridge, maybe 10k or so. If a free, bedraggled 300k got a permaban with little to no appeal, what would 10k accept done at the time?

How far down the alternation would that 300k accept remained "dirty?" For 2007scape, if I had accustomed all of it to anyone abroad for nothing, and they did the aforementioned to anyone else, would the likelihood of a ban abide somewhat consistent? According to the OP, the RWT action has slacked A LOT over the years. Why is this? I feel this is arbitrary for humans who got the austere end of the accord afore the action alone up somewhere forth the road.

I got permabanned in '07 for accepting a allotment of anyone else's bought gold, which was unbeknownst to me, Absolute World Traded gold, which was alone a sum of 300k. What's up with that?

I watched over his accept as a accidental annual absolved up to him, traded him 60m, again logged out. He was so appreciative of himself. Needless to say I wasn't absolutely as impressed. In any case that was 2(ish) months ago and he hasn't been banned yet, we did a bandos cruise calm an hour ago. So not all bought money is bedraggled money, their apprehension arrangement accept to accept faults. Dissapointing, I wouldn't be too crestfallen if he got himself banned for a anniversary or two for that stunt. Would set him straight.