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Nov-02-2018 Categories: maplestory

The devs say they wish to enhance the "longevity" of the bold as end-game equips like Mythics weren't declared to be that simple to get. However, I feel that the way to access constancy shouldn't be to accomplish prices/costs acutely college - accordingly in a faculty accidental to alone bogus difficulty.

Why isnt the focus to acquaint amusing aspects + new agreeable and things that would animate antagonism ? Players who already accept legends and mythics will be so far advanced of the bold that it will be around absurd for new players to catch-up. Unless they buy gems/mesos or alpha on the new all-around absolution server. It seems Nexon is really.

The accomplished point of bounden allegorical was so you couldn’t barter to alts??? A being with 1 annual ability get 1 lvl 25 allegorical account anytime 1-2 weeks in old but already you had that you could alone acreage up allegorical in the character. Star force and akin at allegorical is area it’s at. Again the adumbration accessory was crazy to get afore and now will be even maplestory2 mesos.

Might appear aback afterwards all the added classes are out and ambassador abutment is available. Hopefully by again they would accept revamped the accessory progression or afflicted it to how it was meant to be like in KMSM. You say that like Mario is bits and Maplestory M is even added shit. Heck, Mario is a AAA bold agent and the amount of his amateur break at 80% even afterwards years.

Basically players who already accept all their allegorical and different accessory are 50x advanced of an boilerplate amateur now. Maybe they should of gave us a admonishing this was traveling to appear so I would of spent all my being and mesos if the prices were reasonable.

The actuality that they alter you to the gold blade boutique if you bang on 'buy' for the allegorical weapon rank up stones and you acquisition out there's in fact none at the abundance just pisses me off lol, was accepting all accessible and absorbed to get a mythic, had been active training mules and being and now this babble just messes it all up.

Legendary equips will sky rocket in amount on barter market, Time bare to body accessories on your own went from weeks to months. Not abiding there's annihilation to be blessed about if the humans who geared abstruse just adored themselves 4-6+ months of time with this update. We will all break anemic commonalty compared to anyone who congenital abstruse accessory afore this update.